Life isn’t all about you. You prefer to celebrate the successes of others as much as your own. You are simple, upfront, gentle, but direct in the being of who you are. You are sensitive and want best for everyone. For you, life is about being authentic and following your heart and nothing else. How you treat, think about and speak to others comes from a genuine place. You are warm towards others and kind to yourself.

Too much is not good and too little is not good either. Few points that will help you recognise your traits and encourage you to expand into bigger and better states of being.


1. Confidence

Your self-awareness, dedication to self-development and personal growth gives you oozing confidence to succeed at nearly everything. You know that you are an amazing being (and so is everybody else)— and despite the fact that you might not feel that way all of the time.

2. Intelligence

With a well-rounded intelligence, you carry yourself in a stately and unafraid manner. You make decisions which are the best for you and don’t let others hold you back or restrict you. You are endowed with the knowledge and emotions to take liability for your actions.

3. Positivity

You choose to look at the world in a positive way, and because of your life experiences and inner depth, you can be certain positive things will happen in your life regardless of all of the hopelessness you see around you. You are content to live life patiently and know how to wait for good.

4. Courage

You are fully aware that to become courageous you must take control of your mind, body and soul to do courageous things. You don’t shy away from obstacles and face the challenge head on. As you know that nothing is more satisfying in life than having the ability to look back and say “I did it!”

5. Determination

You are clear and persistent about who you are, where you are and what you want from your life. Being determined keeps you pointed in the direction of your dreams simply because others have told you you’ll never make it. You KNOW you can and you will!

6. Resilience

Be willing to do greatly in your life. You get back up whenever you’ve fallen. Even when the fall is an extremely big fall, you won’t take it as a failure. You see risks and take precautions to prevent problems.

7. Self-assurance

You learn as you go, making course corrections that will lead you to positive outcomes. You get that the world is a place of unlimited possibilities, even when you’re not able to tap into all of those possibilities in this moment. Self-assurance allows you to maintain a certain stillness in the face of life’s changes.

My Advice: Let the kindness of your spirit say more than what you see in the mirror.