As yesterday gone,
And me along with it…
I want to start again and I will trust in it!

-Dimple Bawa

I am a very simple person when it comes to my approach towards life but yes there are few things that really make my day. Good music, long drives, aromatic coffee, golden beaches, and a delectable salad are some of the things which really act like an instant pick me up. Whenever I am really tired and exhausted a cup of green tea or reading a book helps me to unwind. I like to get inked, it leaves a mark on body and soul of my compassions and beliefs. For me, happiness comes in small packages, even a warm hug can make me the happiest person on the earth. I have learnt to love the fool in me through my experiences and hardships.

“Even if it’s a tiny little thing, do something for those who are in need of a human support, something for which you get no pay in return but the privilege of doing it.”

(with Puja Hira)

-Dimple Bawa

People often say that I am hyperactive and stubborn (especially Dr Raina), to that I say they are absolutely correct because I am an emotionally driven person, for me, every day is a new opportunity of exploring the world and doing what I believe in. I will give everything I have to see the world as a better place.

I live in the world of hope and faith by taking one step at a time towards my goal. I am aware my strengths and limitations but I always give my best in whatever I do. I know that things don’t change overnight and it may take a while before I start seeing tides turning but I am sure that I will leave a mark on this world and if I am able to bring joy to someone’s life, I would take it as my life was successful. I have a zest for life, curiosity and tenderness that I would like to spread freely among others.

I have been lucky and blessed enough for having such wonderful people around me who are always there to help me in my difficult times and uplift my spirits. However, it also makes me think about other people who are suffering but have no one to care for them. It gives me all the more reasons to dedicate my life towards the cause (Cheers to Life Foundation).  I want to support, encourage and inspire people to believe in themselves and make most out of life.

In the midst of a struggle, it’s hard to see the light. But even in the dark, there lies the beauty. I never thought I would pull through that journey in one piece, but I did. And I am stronger for it.

“I want to be an advocate for somebody going through this, not look at it as, ‘Why me?’ and be so down on the situation.”

(with Shradha Bhardwaj)

-Dimple Bawa