Life is Magical… Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

“My life is truly, madly magical – even after Cancer. If I can pull that off and have a sense of purpose, just imagine what you can do! We have one life to live. Just know how you want to be and be it. It really is that simple. My journey with Cancer is one of a discovery of self. My encounter with Cancer taught me how to listen to my inner guide and connect more deeply with people….”

Dimple Bawa, Founder-President Cheers to Life Foundation

“Life is a gift that we all should value, the best way to value it is to make a difference in someone’s life.”

(with Lydia)

– Dimple Bawa

I am a mother and a wife, living happily in a joint family. I was raised by a single mother who was a tough and strong woman. I lost my father in a road accident. I was five then. I don’t remember that tragic incident. What I remember is that, my mother, who was an entrepreneur, gave me a beautiful childhood. I grew up as a happy-go-lucky child!

“To all the cancer fighters and caregivers, I would say this: Equip yourself with right knowledge because that is your biggest weapon in the fight against cancer.”

In April 2013, I had an unwanted visitor came knocking on my door called Cancer and let me tell you, it was a rough pill to swallow. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what I was going to do and would I even survive it or not. However, the support of my family and friends gave me the strength to gather myself and fight this demon with everything I got. I started meeting patients, survivors, doctors and healers to gain more knowledge about the disease and prepare myself physically and mentally. I underwent 6 cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by mastectomy and 25 sessions of radiation. The pain and discomfort were too much to handle and made me think of other who were going through the same trauma and have no support.

“I am on a mission! To make Cancer just a Zodiac Sign…”
(with Sangeeta, Shivani and Ritu)

Dimple Bawa

While I was going through my treatment, an idea started forming in my head. A platform for all Cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors, to come together, to talk, to support, to encourage and inspire. Slowly but surely my passion project started to take form and today I’m proud to say with all your supports that yes this is – Cheers to Life!

I believe life will never stop throwing challenges at you and yes I know how difficult it is to find your way in complete darkness. But life is all about beating the odds and overcoming challenges one at a time. I have made it my mission in life just not survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style because you only get one shot at life and you should live it to the fullest. Never let anyone tell what you can or cannot do because by only just believing in yourself you can achieve the unachievable.

Every incredible dream starts with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the persistence, and the enthusiasm to reach for the impossible to change the world.