Life is all about change, if you want to shift your life from being just good to better and best, you must be allow yourself to come out of the comfort zone and do things, which you never even considered of doing at any given point.

To bring that change, all it took for me was to write down five pledges that I stuck to deliberately, and with a lot of patience.

 To start my day a night before: – I always end up my day after planning my schedule for the next. And that helps me to prioritize my work, my life and my day, and make the most of it.

To never stop learning: – Learning never stops no matter how old we get. If we pay attention, we can learn something new every single day.

To be thankful for everything I have: – If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough. I decided to bring a change in me and be thankful for everything I have in my life.

To get enough sleep: – This is the most crucial part of this post; believe me. We all think of sleep as just another means to relax; to replenish our body and mind after a hectic day. But, the benefits of restful sleep go way beyond that.

My food is my fuel:- One misstep, one too many indulgences or forgotten meals, and I am not myself. My days are busy, and to stay sharp, focused, and energetic, food really is my fuel and my responsibility. So most of the time, I take it pretty seriously.

So these were the five pledges I took to evolve as a person, and I am more optimistic now; my perspective of looking at life has completely changed. This is not to say that the exact things will work for you; you may have some different priorities. Before trying to bring the needful change, note down your priorities and then work towards how you can achieve them.